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We have been selling stuff online since 1998

Completed over 246,783 individual transactions

Sold over 987,543 items

​​​​​​​Dealt with Customers in countries all over the world, including New Zealand, Australia, USA, UK, Canada, Japan and China, just to name a few.

We can help you build your online reputation and get more leads and sales now!

Our team of online marketing specialists can help you build your online reptuation and assits you to get more leads and sales now.


With our Get More Leads service, you only pay for real time, exclusive phone call leads from YOUR local area, that are INTERESTED in your services.​​​​​​​

Get More Leads

Call Tracking

All our lead generation services come with a unique call tracking number and a personal call tracking login.  This allows you to track and monitor incoming calls and leads generated by our Get More Leads service.

Phone Drops Marketing

Lead generation made simple. You can target your ideal customer and send a personalised marketing message directly to their mobile or landline phone.  This service is totally automated and hands off. Currently servicing USA and Canada only.

On Page One

Build your online reputation with our On Page One Service. Guaranteed placement on major news sites and search engines. We use our industry contacts to get favourable information about your business, products and services placed around the web, where your customers are looking.

Reputation Management

Unlike other services we track and monitor all your online presence. We work to enhance your online reputation with a range of innovative services, leaving you in full control.  Get your FREE online Reputation Report - Click Here. No personal details required.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is a great way to promote your business. We can help with both production and placements. A full service offering but for far less than you might expect.

Need some help?  Just contact us at service(at) or complete the form below.


These days social media plays a huge roll in enhancing your reputation and in turn the number of leads you acquire.   

Sites like Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Google + and Youtube can all drive targeted traffic to your business. Not only that your target market is on social media right now!

The main thing to understand is what we do or do not do online enhances or degrades our online reputation.


Bottom line is a higher reputation = more leads and sales

Want to discover what your customers are seeing about you online?  Get Your FREE Online Reputation Report Click Here.  No personal details required.

Search engines want to list true Authorities at the top of their search results pages.  That way you are more likely to appear when your prospects and customers search for keywords related to your business.  

Organic search, as it is called, is important, but can take time to develop.

But what if we want more leads now!  We can help you.